John Paul Sarois coins

Terms of Sale

All items are guaranteed genuine.

The merchandise described remains the property of JOHN PAUL SAROSI, INC. until paid for, and is subject to our order and shall be returned to us on demand. This merchandise, until returned to us and actually received is at your own risk, from all hazards. No right is given to you to sell, pledge, hypothecate or otherwise dispose of this merchandise until paid for in full. A check does not constitute payment until it has been paid. All claims must be submitted in writing within 15 days. A $20.00 fee will be charged for each returned and/or uncollected check returned to our bank. Any inquires on credit card orders resulting in a fee being charged by our processor shall be charged back to the customer.

All prices subject to change with the fluctuating coin market and the silver and gold market. Please note prices may change without notice. Price are based on SPOT SILVER PRICE of $16.00 to $18.00 per ounce and based on SPOT GOLD PRICE of $1200.00 to $1300.00 per ounce.

Postage and Handling Fees: $5.00 on orders less than $500.00. Orders over $500.00 shipped postage paid. ( The 'Additional shipping fees' on certain items will be added to your postage charge. See below. ) Postage fees non-refundable.

Dealers: Payment on inspection (48 Hour). Otherwise COC (check on conformation).

In-Store Customer: No return on coins, bullion, or bullion-related items. Jewelry sales Exchange Only ( Items of Equal value or more Like-Same). Mail-Order Customers: Fifteen day return privilege on most items for any reason.
EXCEPTIONS: A. Bullion B. Bullion-related items. All returns must be in original holders, undamaged, unopened.
Any item returned for refund or credit may not be removed from its original holder by customer or a third party unless they have obtained prior written permission from John Paul Sarosi, Inc. COINS REMOVED FROM OUR ORIGINAL HOLDERS LOSE THEIR IDENTITY. All PCGS, NGC, ANACS coins have a FIVE DAY (5) return privilege. Postage & handling non-refundable.

USPS money orders and American Express money orders are shipped quickest. ALL OTHER CHECKS MUST CLEAR THREE WEEKS. We accept VISA, MASTERCARD & DISCOVER credit cards on most purchases, excluding bullion-related items and US $20 gold coins. All returns must be accompanied by sales receipt. All returns are processed within Fifteen days of receipt. Charge card credits will appear within two billing cycles. All returns must be mailed through the post office: postmarked within required return time period.

As we constantly change our prices with the fluctuating coin market, we issue credit and balance due cards if there is a change in the price of an item ordered. Balance due cards are to be returned with payment with your next order. Credit slips are only issued for credits of less than $10.00.

Grading is an art not a science. The grades indicated herein represent our opinion based on our experience. Therefore, it is possible that two people will not always grade the same item alike, nor grade the same item with the same grade at two different times. Several factors of personal preference may be considered different by others and may have a bearing on collector value. These include toning, strike, eye appeal and contact marks. Also, as market conditions change, grading standards have changed and may do so in the future. Your examination of the item(s) should be the criterion and not the grade as represented by another. In any purchase or sale, the value of the item(s) is determined by the price. There is no guarantee that the grade assigned will conform to the grading or pricing standard as established by any pricing guides or other publications. The coin market is speculative and unregulated. Many areas of numismatics lend themselves to third party grading and authentication. Certification does not eliminate all risks associated with grading coins.

All items sold by their price and acceptance beyond our "15 day return privilege" acknowledges your approval of merchandise from any or all claims with the exception of genuineness.

These coins are being sold strictly as collector coins. Past performance is not an indication of future value. 
By no means has John Paul Sarosi, Inc. implied or inferred as to their investment potential.

Our ultimate liability for any item is the price paid.

The goods ordered on this invoice are accepted in Pennsylvania and the terms hereof are subject to interpretation under Pennsylvania law. Judicial proceedings shall take place within County of Cambria, Pennsylvania. All accounts are due and payable at the seller's Pennsylvania offices.

Risk of loss or damage passes to Buyer when Seller delivers to Buyer or to any common carrier even though such common carrier is not specified by Buyer.

Buyer agrees to be liable for any Federal or State sales and use tax that may arise from this transaction.


LAYAWAY: 1/3 down, final payment due within sixty (60) days. Full 15-day return. Current discount rate applicable. No minimum purchase. No interest charges.

EXTENDED LAYAWAY: Equal monthly payments over an extended time period. 10% restocking fee. Reduced discount fee. No interest charges.
Purchase $1,000 - $2,001 - 4 months
Purchase $ 2,001 - $3,500 - 6 months
Purchase $3,501 - $5,000 - 8 months
Purchase $5,001 & up 10 months
Call for details

If buyer fails to make any payment by due date, Seller may declare entire balance due and payable. Each payment received by Seller shall be applied to merchandise and services as follows: First, to unpaid liquidated damages charges: second, to any unpaid balance; and finally to new purchases. NO RETURN on PCGS, NCG or ANACS layaways.


Additional Postage and Handling Fees:
Silver Dollar Rolls add $3.00 per roll
Dansco Albums add $1.50 per album
25 Coin Tubes same size add $2.00
50 Coin Tubes same size add $3.00
100 Coin Tubes same size add $5.00
25 Polystyrene Coin Holders same size add $3.00

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