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Personal Wish List - Friday 24th of September 2021 5:10:48 PM

Some items may be out of stock or have limited stock.   Due to volatility of the market prices are subject to change.

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Postage and Handling Fees: $5.00 on orders less than $500.00. Orders over $500.00 shipped postage paid.
( The 'Additional shipping fees' on certain items will be added to your postage charge. See below. )
Additional Postage and Handling Fees:
Silver Dollar Rolls add $3.00 per roll
Dansco Albums add $1.50 per album
25 Coin Tubes same size add $2.00
50 Coin Tubes same size add $3.00
100 Coin Tubes same size add $5.00
25 Polystyrene Coin Holders same size add $3.00

Postage fees non-refundable.